Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Effortless Chic of the Day

via vogue.com

I love Charlize's combo here.   The dress looks like something she could wear to the office; the shoes make you wonder what else she might be hiding in her bedside table.  

You're thinking what I'm thinking, right?  Where else are we going to turn for our boardroom dominatrix ensemble, but ultra-naughty Talbots.  Obviously.


 Total:  $252.99

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Best Holiday Sweater Ever

inception sweater


May I present to you…. the “Inception Sweater”


This is by FAR the funniest blog I’ve seen lately.   Another favorite post:


So hilarious.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Restoring my faith in humanity

I’d like to take a quick break from normal Pink Monkey subjects for an important real world update.   I’m not sure if you saw this Time Magazine cover story over the summer (almost impossible to miss) of the young woman mutilated in Afghanistan, but it is in case you did.


Her heart wrenching story and those of other struggling Afghan women profiled in this article has haunted me ever since August.   Needless to say, when I saw this update on Aisha this afternoon on the New York Times,  I was, for lack of a better expression, PUMPED.  UP.

ba-nose15_ph1_0502397575 (Image)

And they caught one of the men involved.  Awesome.   Today is a good day.  

Wednesday, December 1, 2010




I have the same love/ hate relationship with David Yurman as I do with Tory Burch.   However here, though, it’s definitely love.   That is also the perfect color of brown leather. 

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Rikshaw Design Gift Guide


If you didn’t see my gift guide on Rikshaw Design, here it is…. there are a couple great posts from other bloggers up today—check it out!


I’m so excited Catherine #1 remembered me after my epic blogging hiatus and #2 asked me to participate again, as I have got to get myself in gift gear for the holidays.  So, in following somewhat similar suit from last year, here’s my list:  

1.  The Meet the Parents/ Housewarming/ VIP Hostess Gift

Booze is generally the easier and most well received option, but if you want to make non-wino impression (especially before the wine comes out), a John Derian paperweight would make an excellent hostess gift.   There are tons to choose from, but here’s my favorite:

John Derian Paperweight

(“Quiet Monkey”, $60.00)


2.  The Girlfriend “Gift that Gives Back” Gift

I recently heard this incredible story on women in the Congo on NPR, and one woman’s  mission to make a difference.     This difference I’m usually interested in making after the holidays is my pants size, so here’s an idea that combines giving back, motivation, getting moving and your girlfriends—and eliminates another Secret Santa exchange.

Sign your sister group up for a Run for Congo Women race and sponsor a sister in the Congo.   For more information, click here.


3.  The White Elephant Gift

Everyone inevitably gets invited to the bad sweater/ white elephant party and you never want to be the one with the lame gift.   I recently heard a ridiculous story about this drink (probably would be more appropriately called drank) and before it gets banned by the FDA, wrap up a can of this for your next exchange.   Totally absurd, only $2.50.   One can seems to be enough. 


4.  Stocking Stuffer Gifts

I love just about everything on the Cerulean website, and here are a few favorites (all under $100.00):


(Bib necklace, $36.00)


(Pompom blanket, $31.50)


(Silk clutch, $52.50)


(Tapestry and Leather Belt, $35.75)

5.   The Take-Me-There Gift


(Istanbul Candle, $48.00)

With fragrance notes described as: exotic Turkish tea, amber, blue iris and black orchid, I’d love to unwrap this and a Delta ticket.

Happy holidays!

xoxo,  Pink Monkey

Effortless Chic of the Day



Hello Kelly O! 

Lipstick is the New Nail Polish

So maybe I’m late to jump on the lipstick train, but better late than never.   I love gettin’ my nails did in fun colors, but lipstick is the next frontier—and I’m ready to embrace it.  

1. Heat Wave

00110m[1] (Image)

heat wave

I ran out to Sephora last night and bought the color featured in the new J. Crew Spring 2011 lineup: Heat Wave.   I love love love the bright Chinese orange-y red hue, and I’m giving  it a test run today at work.   No one is really in the office, so not sure if it counts, but I feel like a new person. 

2.   Jungle Red

Fancy_Nancy[1] (Image)


I also bought a tube of Jungle Red as a “back-up” in case the orange/ red Heat Wave was “too insane.”  HA!   Ridiculous logic, as this color is  rereredddddd and awesome.   Highly recommend picking up some for the holiday season. 

Any other suggestions?

Monday, November 29, 2010

Currently listening to…

Effortless Chic of the Day

 gwen1 Gwyneth looks amazing here.  I would love to own a dress exactly like this one—and I would wear it all the time. 

While we’re at it, here’s a shot of the back side.   Motivation for the post-turkey diet…

gwen 2


Sunday, November 28, 2010

Gift Guide

Thanks to Catherine at Rikshaw Design for letting me participate in her holiday gift guide again this year.  See my picks and others' here.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

As if I needed another reason to travel to places that sell jewelry like this...

(Images via)

I forgot to buy this necklace in Oman last year.  Well, maybe not this exact necklace, but one of the 10,000 other look-alikes I idiotically passed over.   Such a moron.   I guess that means I'll have to go back...

This girl is jeweled to perfection. 

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Pixie Time?

konca-aykan (Image)







If I had and once more of guts, I’d take scissors to my hair immediately.   I have one friend who did this and it’s really worked out for her, however, anyone who has seen my head of ridiculous hair knows I’d probably end up looking more like Richard Simmons than Audrey Hepburn. 

Anyone ever gone Pixie and liked it?  Or had buyer’s remorse?

I’d live here

1 2 3 4 5 6 7

(Images via)

I saw a few shots of this house featured on Design Sponge earlier today and I love it.   It’s so clean.   And no clutter.  I feel like you wouldn’t have any allergies in this house either.  

Pool with surfboard is also a plus.


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